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Updates to the INV 15 - Requesting OPM Personnel Investigations

The INV 15, Requesting OPM Personnel Investigations, has been updated and is posted on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Investigative Services (FIS) website. This document is intended to assist federal agencies in requesting OPM background investigations. It provides information to familiarize agency human resource and security officials with OPM/FIS and the products and services offered.

Some of the updates to the INV 15 include: the renaming of the OFI 86C to INV 86C, an updated description of electronic-Questionnaires for Investigations Processing (e-QIP) and the OPM PIPS Imaging System (OPIS) to include the addition of External Liaison contact information; updated charts regarding position designation, form type, and investigation type as well as form and document submission requirements; information regarding "Unacceptable" investigation requests, certification and release requirements (to include medical); headers in the AUB Section; and new embedded links to websites and documents.

As a reminder to agencies, applicants must completely answer all Standard Form questions (SF 85, SF 85P, SF 86) as outlined in the forms/e-QIP instructions (including complete dates, addresses, and zip codes). OPM cannot process questionnaires with incomplete or missing answers. The following additional information may be helpful to agencies: all requests must include a completed OPAC-IPAC block on the Agency Use Block (AUB); a signed Medical Release is required for SF86 requests when Question 21 is answered positively; a signed Medical Release is required for SF 85PS requests when Question 5 is answered positively; submission of the SF 85 or the SF 85PS without the OF 306 will result in military searches conducted based only upon time in service as indicated on the forms; for cases submitted on the SF85 case papers with the Extra Coverage Code "L", birth verification record search may not be successful unless Mother and Father full names are provided with the case papers.

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