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Multi-State Plan Program and the
Health Insurance Marketplace Issuer



OPM is charged with implementing the Multi-State Plan (MSP) Program by contracting with private health insurance issuers to offer at least two MSP options in each State. OPM is drawing on its significant experience administering the FEHB Program to develop and manage the MSP Program, negotiate contracts with MSP issuers, and monitor issuers’ performance and compliance with legal requirements and contractual terms.

MSP Program issuers may phase in MSP options over the first four years of their participation in the program:

  • In the first year, plans must be offered in at least 60 percent of the States
  • In the second year, plans must be offered in at least 70 percent of the States
  • In the third year, plans must be offered in at least 85 percent of the States
  • In the fourth year and subsequent years, plans must be offered in all States plus the District of Columbia.

In administering the MSP Program, OPM is advancing several important objectives:

  • To ensure a choice of high-quality products to consumers participating in each State’s Marketplace;
  • To promote competition in the Health Insurance Marketplace to the benefit of all consumers;
  • To provide strong, effective contractual oversight of MSP insurers; and
  • To work cooperatively with States and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to ensure a level playing field between other private health insurers and MSP options.

OPM's Approach

The Affordable Care Act provides that OPM may enter into contracts with MSP issuers without regard to competitive bidding laws, similar to the authority given to OPM in regard to the FEHB Program. 

Under the FEHB Program, health insurance carriers may apply to enter the Program, subject to timeframes and criteria established by OPM. OPM may accept all plans that, in its judgment, are qualified to participate. Upon agreement on benefits and rates for the upcoming plan year, OPM and the accepted health insurance carriers sign contracts.

OPM follows a similar process for the MSP Program. OPM may enter into contract negotiations with applicants that demonstrate a willingness and ability to meet the requirements to become an MSP issuer. OPM will sign contracts with issuers upon successful completion of contract negotiations, thus designating them as MSP issuers.

For the 2015 contract year, OPM seeks applicants with the capacity to provide affordable health insurance benefits in all States within the 4-year phase-in period. If you are interested in becoming an MSP issuer in 2015, you must first submit a Notice of Intent to Apply. The 2015 application will be available by early 2014; the 2014 application is included here for your reference.

Notice of Intent to Apply

If you are interested in becoming an MSP issuer, OPM requires you to submit a notice of intent to apply (NOIA) to gain access to OPM’s MSP Program Application Portal, where you will complete and submit your application.  The NOIA is not binding; however, you cannot apply without first submitting one.

To submit a NOIA, you can send an email to, stating your name; title; contact information, including telephone and email address; the name of your company; and the company’s address; or fill out the form below.

Once OPM confirms that your submission represents a health insurance issuer or group of issuers with potential nationwide scope, we will contact you with instructions on how to access the online MSP Program Application Portal.

Issuer Notice of Intent Form


OPM will publish the 2015 MSP Program application in early 2014. For reference, you may download the 2014 MSP Program application here to get a general sense of the information we will require in the 2015 application. You will officially complete and submit the 2015 application through the online MSP Program Application Portal.  OPM will provide you with information on how to access the Portal once you have submitted a Notice of Intent to Apply (NOIA). 

Portal Availability

The Portal will open to 2015 applicants in early 2014 and will be generally available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  There may be very brief periods during off-peak hours where the Portal needs to close for enhancements to be made.  We will make every effort to inform you of those times in advance.  

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